As you can see you use tiki-index.php?page=name to navigate wiki pages, you can also use the special raw mode using tiki-index_raw.php?page=name instead of tiki-index.php. In raw mode all the layout elements as columns, bars and decorations are removed and styles are not applied.This can be used as URLs that can be feeded into external wiki visualization programs.

Using the Touchgraph wiki browser

The touchgraph wiki browser is a nice application that can be used to view a graphical representation of the Tiki wiki.

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At the right side you can see a graph representation of the wiki and at the left side the current page, you can navigate the graph clicking on the nodes or clicking on the normal links at the left side.

To use Touchgraph you need:

Once you have touchgraph installed (just unzip the distro to some directory) edi the file tiki.bat (or meatball.bat) if you don't have tiki.bat and you will se something like the following:

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The last 5 parameters are the ones that will be configured to use Tiki, and explained as follows:

  • The name of a .txt file with the wiki link structure of a URL to get the link structure, you should use http://yoursite.com/tiki/tikiwiki_ link_structure.php to get the live link structure of your site
  • The URL to browse the wiki, use http://yoursite.com/tiki/tikiindex_ raw.php?page= (the pageName will be added automatically by Touchgraph)
  • The name of the starting page for example HomePage (or whatever you want)
  • The number of levels to expand 2 is a good value you can experiment other values
  • Whether backlinks are displayed or not in the graph (false/true)

Launch the batch file and you will be able to graphically browse your Wiki!

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