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Trackers are a flexible tool that can be used in Tiki for several purposes, basically a tracker is a collection of items. Each item is set of fields, you can setup which fields each tracker will use for items.

Once created you can add items, list items, modify items, remove items, assign attachments to items or comment items if you have the permission.

Tracker can be used for:

  • Bug tracking
  • Feature requests for your site
  • Support requests
  • Buying orders
  • News
  • Homework management
  • Other workflows
  • etc.

Creating trackers

A tracker is created from the admin trackers link in the trackers section of the application menu. Soon, there will be way to upload and download tracker text files for parsing that will greatly speed the tracker creation.

The following screen is used to create a tracker:


Adding fields to a tracker

To make a tracker usable you need to add some fields to the tracker. There's a field that is always added which is the status it is used to check if a tracker's item is opened or closed.

To admin fields click the fields link from the trackers listing in the admin trackers screen.



To add a field indicate the name, type and options (if apply).

You can use the following field types:

  • Checkbox (on/off fields) ... there should should be radio buttons
  • numeric fields
  • Text field
  • Textarea input
  • Drop down combo (enter options separated by commas)
  • User (selectable user from the list of site's users)
  • Group (selectable group from the list of site's groups)
  • Date/time field
  • jscalendar
  • image
  • action
  • header
  • category (as of 29mar4 doesn't work)
  • item link
  • items list

As you can see from above the list of field options is very impressive! If your clients need a quick and easy interface for a database then give us a hand with the trackers! They are very powerful already but need some finishing touches wink
One of the fields in the tracker must be the "main" field, the main field will be used as a link to the item details when listing trackers. You shoudl also indicate if the field is visible or not when listing tracker items. If a tracker has a lot of fields you shouldn't make all the fields visible from the item listing.



Using a tracker

You can see a list of trackers by clicking 'trackers' from the application menu.


Clicking on a tracker name will take you to the list of tracker items.


In this screen you can see all the items a tracker has, order items by creation, last modification or status. Filter items according to field values. Add an item or modify it.

To add an item use the form at the top of the screen:

insert graphic

Items will always be added with status = open

To modify an item click the item field title (the bold one) if there's no bold field then go to the admin screen and make some field the "main" field.

The following screen is used to view and item or modify it (if you have the permission)

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Note that if you enabled attachments or comments you can add comments or attachments to a tracker item.

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Assigning items to users

If an item has a field with type "user" or "group" tracker items will be assignable to users/groups on the site. This is useful in any workflow situation when a user must know what items he has assigned to himself or his group.

Assigned items with open status will be displayed in the user preferences screen:

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Monitoring items

Users can monitor a tracker or a tracker item, when monitoring a tracker an email will be sent whenever an item is added or changed in the tracker. When an item is being monitored an email is sent when the item is modified. This is again very useful in workflows.


The following permissions can be used to control trackers. Note that you can set permissions globaly or per-tracker level clicking the "perms" link from the tracker listing in the tracker admin screen.

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Example a tracker to review movies

The obvious example will be to create a tracker to track bugs or support requests so we are going to show you an example of trackers creating a tracker to review movies.

Our tracker will be used to track reviews of movies with information about each movie, comments and why not attachments of pictures or posters for the movie :-)

Let's start by creating the tracker:

insert graphic

Now setup the tracker fields, we'll be using the following fields:
name : a text field with the movie name
comment: a textarea with a comment
rating: a combo with options from 1 to 10 to rate the movie
reviewer: name of reviewer

We'll use the created field but we are not interested in the last modified field. You can add other fields if you want.

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Now we can review a movie!

insert graphic

And list reviews! Using filters and so.

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We can add comments or attachments to a review!

Before you decide that your Tiki application needs a new feature check if it can be done using trackers if not because of a slight modification let us know it and maybe we can improve the trackers system.

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Some informations on this pages do not apply to the 1.7 version of Tiki, but to the highly improved 1.8/1.9 versions.

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