I'm an IT-guy who's been working with students for a decade. It feels like an eternity sometimes.

Trying to get out of the whole Schmazoo. Tune in, turn on, drop out - u follow?

Anyhow, I like tiki. I am currently in the phase of figuring out how it makes sense, if any - perhaps it doesn't and that really turns me on!

My personal website (in swedish at http://henriksundstrom.se ) is running php-fusion since that is what it takes, more or less.
I've been planning for some time now to start up a website promoting and provoking the subject of Cosmobiology, and tiki seems to be able to handle most stuff reasonably well, but I'm not sure that I AM up to putting the required effort into it.

For all of you other swedes out there:

Tat twam asi!

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