Problems I'm having

Tikiwiki 1.8, polaris on Red Hat Linux 9, Apache 2.0, php php-4.2.2-17.2, mysql-3.23.58-1.9

  • Spellcheck (get an error; I've posted about it)...
  • POP accountsone works but one (from domain hosted by pair.com) gives error: " Error: 2 POP3 server greeting was not found Error: Error: " I see another user has reported this in the shoutbox.

Things that are probably possible, but I haven't figured out how to do yet

  • Create a list of pages that are in a certain category.
  • List watchers of a page

Possible feature requests or suggestions

  • Add a google search with site: built in as an alternative to search_new...
  • Add a notion of home page with a link in the header to it (like in moinmoin).
  • Better search scoping. E.g. the abiliity to limit a search to a structure, category, forum, etc.

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