Greg Watson

I started using tw just a few months ago. I work in the IT dept. of a small software company and we had stored all our documentation in a Filemaker database. It was alright, but we wanted something web-accessible. I had just discovered wikis and pushed for a system that could be edited in place. We've been using it for a little over a month and so far so good.

Anyone else using tikiwiki for documenting work procedures, practices, information, etc?

I found a bug with wiki links in tables. I will test in the latest release below.

r2c1Tiki - link

Sweet!biggrin It looks like it's fixed in current build. I'll have to upgrade when 1.8 final comes out.

Another bug — boxes inside lists:

  • Item1
  • Boxed

This line with a return at the beginning and end should be in the box.

Same line outside of list context is boxed.

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