My name is L337. The original that is. Im a sysadmin at Unrealoverclockers.com and as such get to handle fairly large machines.My machine specs are as follows;

AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Mobile Barton @ 2.880 GHz @ 1.75v
2048MB Dual Channel Corsair XMS3200EL DDR400 DDR-RAM @ 2-4-4-5.
the legendary ABIT nF7 nForce II mobo
ASUS Radeon 9800XT @ 513/820.
Custom-made watercooling
iCute case with custom black paintjob and fans.
Western Digital Raptor 74GB x 2 10K rpm SCSI HDD in RAID 0
Seagate 250GB 6Y08L0 HDD 7.2K x 2 in RAID 1

regular /.(slashdot.org) visitor.

We mean you n0 h4rm earthlings...


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