Its getting Better all the time! schnizits for main site, and go kill some time gaming at mud.schnizits

Thank you for such a fun tool.

schnizits upgraded succsefully, and very easily I might add to 1.7.4 today, from 1.7.1. No problems to report. I LOVE TIKIWIKI!!!!


We have again updated our Tikis <yeah!>

Home page is schnizits If you you like online MUD's such as AATRADE, Legend of the Green Dragon, or Promisance, follow the mud link from the main page and have some fun.

We really need some help from an expert out there, with performance issues, and constant connection problems with MySql. It may be that we have overloaded our poor little server, or it may be the dynamic DNS we are using, or we may just be bad at tuning Apache, PHP, and MySql
Would like to know if Anyone has performance tips specific to Tiki.

Specs and such

Hardware: Dual PIII 1.0 Ghz, 1GB Ram (board has Max of 1.5 GB, looking for a 1024 Dimm) All tikis OS, Apache etc etc etc, are on one drive, and yes its IDE, (UDMA66 7200) We run a few cron jobs late at night to back up to another drive on the same box, cause... thats all we can afford right now!

OS, Redhat 9 latest kernel
Apache version 2.0.40
MySQL version 3.23.56
PHP Version 4.2.2
On a T1.

We have 12 Tiki's set up - we are using Tiki v1.7.1.1

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