I've been fiddling with Tikiwiki off and on since July 2003. I'm also User #12 of this site. I've been here for awhile.

I run a business website using TikiWiki. I currently run version the latest version. My TikiWiki is located on my own dedicated server in New York City using WebNX. I currently operate two TikiWikis: one for my IT-Desk business, which is just being set up, and another for my science-fiction writing at StarNovels.com.

At my day job, we use WildFly and Tomcat with no PHP applications at all. I have a unique role of being system administrator, database administrator, database engineer, information assurance specialist, technical writer, deployment engineer, and help desk technician all at once.

Current Tikiwiki Wishlist:

  • Faster page generation times
  • A greater variety of themes

* Working Image Galleries (they don't have to be fancy, but they must work properly!)
* Code stability

Past Accomplishments:

  • Worked on a very ancient modification of one of the original themes in order to improve display
  • Provided feedback on new features

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