I am an expat Brit living, working and studying in Norway. I've been living around the Fjords for nearly 10 years but do pop accross the North Sea to visit home as often as I can.

I'm a graduate student interested in information technology with a focus on the humanities.

My main interests are:

Ethics and digital culture
deliberative democracy
Content Management systems


I am totally new to the whole wiki world, and was introduced to the “idea??? whilst taking a graduate course in technology and pedagogy. I was interestied in finding a wiki coded with PHP and I found Tiki!

I have set up a Tiki for my department (Humanistic Informatics) at Bergen University. As part of my master thesis (empirical bit) I will try to engage the students to online debate about ethical issues (ie open source software) and encourage interest in their courses. I will be looking at the level of engagement and question the democratic process (and democratic theory).

The site I'm working on is called Pnyx, it is mostly in Norwegian but there are some English pages.


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