Isn't it true that there is a file I need to
get rid of to avoid crackers from disabling
my wiki site http://www.studiovoltaire.us/okikiwikiko/

It has happened 3 or 4 times now, and I can't
find the resource to delete: nor can I Telnet
the top mode that always worked before...

Error after ~500 permsion denied messages after
last step of top option, namely:

$ ./setup.sh yourlogin yourgroup 02777

This time — the file is gone!
also gone /usr/local/lib/php.ini -or- httpd.conf.

Is security a problem for this cms portal community?

— please point me to (just point me to a resource

or clue, I get BIG TIME the rationale for RTFM and
you have to do it yourself or what are you...?!!)

so HELP direct me? somebody I like Tikiwiki, does this
make me a target to Thors-zine-ites? — !

Tikiwiki is not properly set up:
The directory '/tmp' does not exist or PHP is not allowed to access it (check open_basedir entry in php.ini).

You may either chmod the directories above manually to 777, or run one of the sets of commands below.
Proceed to the Tiki installer after you run the commands below.

If you cannot become root, and are NOT part of the group nobody:
$ bash
$ cd /home/studiov/public_html/okikiwikiko
$ chmod +x setup.sh
$ ./setup.sh yourlogin yourgroup 02777
Tip: You can find your group using the command 'id'.

If you cannot become root, but are a member of the group nobody:
$ bash
$ cd /home/studiov/public_html/okikiwikiko
$ chmod +x setup.sh
$ ./setup.sh mylogin nobody

If you can become root:
$ bash
$ cd /home/studiov/public_html/okikiwikiko
$ chmod +x setup.sh
$ su -c './setup.sh nobody'

If you have problems accessing a directory, check the open_basedir entry in
/usr/local/lib/php.ini or httpd.conf.

Once you have executed these commands, this message will disappear!

Note: If you cannot become root, you will not be able to delete certain
files created by apache, and will need to ask your system administrator
to delete them for you if needed.

Consult the tikiwiki.org installation guide if you need more help.

Proceed to the Tiki installer if you've completed the steps above.

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