I use Tiki for ESFnet http://esf2004.net Massive thanks to the Tiki community, Tiki is incredible! ESFnet aims to provide an open space for people interested in the European Social Forum 2004 which will happen in October in London. It is the third ESF, the first two having happened in Florence and Paris and the event brings people together who are opposed to neoliberalism and imperialism and who believe 'another world is possible'.

Get in touch or join this project

If anyone else is interested in getting involved in this project please get in touch either through this site or http://esf2004.net My email is hugh (AT) esf2004.net

If you fancy having a real conversation with me you can try downloading skype from http://www.skype.com. Its an internet phone so we can talk for free. Its not open source I'm afraid and currently only works on Windows. My username is bigelf

Tiki Help needed

I've got a number of questions and issues with Tiki that I could do with help resolving. When I have time I'll try to search out solutions one by one but for now they're listed below. The main place for noting these things on our site is here.

Tiki Needs Things we need help from the Tiki development community to be able to implement on this site.

  • External links from the menu to open in a new window. Wanted for the events link.
  • Links from images to open in a new window.
  • Having some menu sections open by default and others closed. We want Working Groups open but Features closed. To work round this, currently Working Groups is not a section but an option.
  • Changing the name of the 'Easy Menu' isn't working.
  • User list. How can people easily view other users and their homepages?
  • Better functionality on the Links Directory. Be able to re-order sites in a category, improve the design etc.
  • Remove flags from links directory and forums etc. It might be useful to know where people are but its a bit nationalistic!
  • A link to add an article at the top of the articles page so we can take it off the menu.

Research Needed Things we haven't yet mastered and need to research and experiment with.

  • Categories. Allows sections of the site to be allocated to different sections.
  • Wiki permissions. What is the best way to restrict who can edit some wiki pages where relevant?
  • User allocated menus.

Tiki Failings Things that Tiki currently doesn't do very well.

  • The calendar, so we're using http://radicalendar.org (The first comment below refers to this, I said it would be a shame to have to use an external solution and in the end I decided it was the best way)
  • The chat feature. This is unlikely to be resolved so we're going to look into setting up an irc solution.

Many Thanks
Hugh Johnson

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