my name is not important. i am not an expert in windows and linux but have
accumulated some knowledge since i have been upgrading my pc since 1996.
i have installed other cms with little (postnuke,phpnuke) or no (e107) problem.
so far, this tikiwiki is the hardiest cms to install for me. it's almost 3 weeks now
since i first tried to install it and until now haven't got it working. i can browse the
admin but cant view the tiki-index.php and will get an error "error 500: Internal
Server Error" and says The server encountered an unexpected condition which
prevented it from fulfilling the request. re-install it for 20 more times with some
edit to php files i found in the troubleshooting link but still tikiwiki refuses to follow
my command.

i like this cms for it serves me well as being collective101. i want more input. a quest
for infinite knowledge. little by little i will get this cms to work and hopefully will have
it running by tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow and next day after next day.
never surrender i should say.

this cms will help me collect all the input i need and never forget that input. an
expanding collective for infinite knowledge. like this cms "do it all", as a collective101,
i want it all.

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