In real life, people call me Mickey.

I'm a web/database application development consultant for a small firm in Manhattan specializing in solutions from the Borg.

I run Gentoo on my PC and laptop (when I'm not in XP for work) and Debian on my co-located server. I started out with Red Hat (doesn't everyone?) but fell in love with apt and portage.

I heard about Tikiwiki when it was featured in a Gentoo newsletter and am trying it out for a small sports organization. I see a lot of potential with it - its biggest weakness is probably its greatest strength: it does so many different things that the learning curve is pretty steep to utilize it as an admin. Still, it beats the hell out of Yahoo! groups.

When I'm not in front of my computer, I'm firedancing, hurling, swordfighting, writing (fantasy/sci-fi), or trying to learn a new language (currently C++).


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