What I'm working on now

I'm reviewing all Doc Pages marked "Need Review". I'm making small edits for language, grammar, and punctuation. (English).
I'm testing the new Debian Packages to see if I can include those in the Debian Install Section.
I'm working on a proposal to clean up organization of the Doc Site and fix broken links in Tiki.

Please take a look at AlternativeCollaborativeDocumentation

10 things about dthacker

  1. I'm a Linux/AIX/Solaris SysAdmin
  2. I'm an Informix/MySQL DBA
  3. I'm married
  4. I have 5 children, 4 cats, 2 ex-wives and 1 dog
  5. I'm active in Boy Scouts, tiki soon may be used for our troop page
  6. I'm a member of the Omaha Linux Users Group
  7. I love PBEM football. I play in three leagues, and may be running one of my own soon! On tiki!
  8. I can't code, so I write docs
  9. I like to teach HOney silly factoids Try "&whatis What's for Lunch?"
  10. I love coconut.


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