My Tikiwiki Journey so far....

Thursday Feb 12, 2004:
Confirmed that Damian's "work around" solves the login problem on WinXP as well as Win2k. Now I have two tiki implementations working just fine. Yee-haw!

Friday Feb 6, 2004:
Damian provided me with great info on how to fix my login problem. Its in the post below:
Basically, you just move everything in the easyphp's /www folder to a subfolder /www/tiki. Haven't had any problems on the win2k platform. Verifying WinXP later today. Thanks again Damien.

Thursday Feb 5, 2004:
As a newbie to all things tikiwiki, i'm still groping my way toward the light. but this cms system is great and i totally appreciate all your work so far. here's what i've discovered so far.

installed using easyphp 1.7 and tikiwiki 1.7.5 on a winXP/Dell laptop per the instructions on this site. everything went very smoothly. logged in np and changed admin password and even got some modules up and running. went home that night, came back next day and had some kind of templating errors appearing across the top of the page. thought i might have mucked it up during my ignorant romp through the module/features configuration screens, and didn't have anything vital on it...so just reinstalled (since it was so easy!).

spent more time playing around and getting familiar with modules, setting groups and assigning permissions. all good. created a couple of users in addition to "admin" such as "test" and "eric" (me). started investing time/energy in shaping UI into what I want (deleting modules) etc. went home happy with my start.

came back today and couldn't log into tikiwiki. all of the users i had setup (admin, test, eric) all failed with a "invalid username password" response in the url. checked the capslock and other dummy stuff....nothing. apache, mysql and php all seem fine as i can see other pages (apache), create/edit/browse db (mysql), and testing php brings up all green lights. tikiwiki just didn't want my to get back in.

now having invested some time, i didn't want to reinstall — plus, that trick won't work after a while. ;-) so i started poking around the troubleshooting pages and this forum looking for answers. sounds like we have a shortage of windows platform folks/admins/users and none of the posts/articles i read seemed to describe my problem.

after a bunch of mucking about on this site, i decided to see if the tiki-install.php process might help me get started again. so deleted the "done" suffix in the /www folder, pointed the browser at it and brought it back up. it detected an existing "admin" account and password and asked me to enter the password, which i did. accepted this and kicked me to the "create new db" or "upgrade via script" or "do nothing and enter tikiwiki" page. not wanting to upgrade ('cause i can't), nor blow away work in db....i chose to "do nothing" and enter tikiwiki. brought me back to the same old login screen. BUT, this time it accepted the Admin/Password combo and put me to my super-cool, nicely modified page i had worked so hard on.

so that's a long way of saying, what's up with that? anyone have any idea as to why it took the tiki-install.php page to get me recognized and on track again? any suggestions on how to avoid this problem going forward?

seeing as i'm getting started and am "doing windows", i'd be happy to chronicle my failures/successes if this is useful. now i just need to figure out how to do my own wiki page on this site.... ;-)


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