Pay Attention Maggots!
This is my User Page. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The plan is to create the first-ever, Ultimate Frisbee Wiki. The pre-Beta (as of December, 2004) is at http://wiki.ihuck.com. Update, Spring, 2005: the Wiki is now a live Beta at http://ihuck.com. Other than a few problems parsing complex, tagged expressions, Tiki RAWKS!

Feedback is welcome! Private messages should be forwarded to me via email, so rather than giving my address, I'll simply direct you here.

I mess around on a thing called E2, you can see a sort of personal bio-page here.

You can hire me for all sorts of Web development and Internet consulting. My business name is Land Of Delight Communications and yes, the site is still being fleshed out.

About Me

My avatar has two flags, Bulgarian and USAn. I am a third generation immigrant (1/4 by blood). Unlike so many other former Iron Curtain countries, it looks like Bulgaria will manage to remain a democratic republic for the forseeable future...

Hey Europeans! Heard about the Polish plumber? Well, the Bulgarian plummer will do it for 10% less. And you saw Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) in The Terminal, he build that awesome fountain-thing that looked cool, impressed the girl, and nearly worked!

My Voyage to Tiki

I'd heard about and read about the Wiki concept for about a year before I got to the point of looking into it. That's because it seemed like yet another great idea for how to organize information...that would, along with so many other great ideas, never really make it outside the ivory towers.

But then a buddy of mine emailed me and said, Hadj, you've got to check out this thing called Wiki, it's perfect for what we want to do with Ultimate Frisbee. He'd read an article in some business rag in May, 2004.

So I checked it out.

There were so many Wiki implementations I could easily have given up, or selected one that was too purist in it's design philosophy and implementation.

Happily, my hosting provider, AQHost, who I highly recommend, without reservation, had Fantastico, and his Fantastico had TikiWiki.

And, just for asking, AQHost increased their PHP memory_limit and bought a bunch of new memory for their server. Sweet!

So here I am.

Get Horizontal,

- Hadj

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