A year and a half ago I had a girlfriend of two years whom I had never met and who came to refer to herself as "The Girlfriend". I also had a dog that belonged to somebody else but thought I belonged to her (and still does) . Thus creating the following hierarchy in her (my dog's) mind:


Eventually I did meet my girlfriend. That has worked out quite well. She is a great gal, Phd in Psychology and a second degree in criminal justice which in the minds of several smart-alecks I know seem to think she's just what I need. I still have the dog that belongs to someone else (or rather she still has me) and have added to that three ½'s of dogs and am ? owned by a Manx cat named appropriately named Finn McCoole. That is to say ownership of me is now split between the Weezie (the dog who belongs to someone else) the Girlfriend and Finn the cat.

Do you really want to read the rest of this? Well, if so ...forge on.»

I am an internet developer (big surprise huh?). I attended Fly By The Seat Of Your Britches U. where I majored in This Ain't No Place For The Squeamish studies. These days I work on various sites. Some are small and some are those of national organizations. I multi-task with site graphical, navigational and structural design as well as server setups. I love muckin' around in a web server as long as it is a Mac or UNIX box. Still, I do run one Apache server on a Windows XP machine although, to me that is sort of like putting lipstick on a pig.

Before I started building web sites for a living, I worked for Gibson Musical Instruments where, along with building string instruments, I was Plant Manager of the Gibson Custom, Art and Historical Division and Manager of Gibson Mastertone Banjos. After many years of management work, I went to Gibson to do "artistic things". That lasted about a year and a half and then I ended right back in management ...this time at Gibson. I left that job in 1997 and took ten big steps sideways to become a fulltime geek ...can you believe it? Never fear though. I'm happy being on my own, working for myself (which is why I left) and I still have a good relationship with Gibson and all of my friends there.

As well as being a luthier, I am a guitarist (isn't everybody) and I am currently working on two albums (aren't most people). One is progressive/fusion and the other is old time jazz. Neither one ever seems to get finished.

I am also an illustrator but these days it is reserved simply for web design. Although I haven't done any REAL artwork in many years. What there is of it is strewn all over the US.

You say it sounds like I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to be when I grow up? Well, I'd say it's a little late for that.

If you have stopped by and on the not so likely occasion that you've read this far, I hope you enjoyed it although I doubt that. mrgreen

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