It's amazing how long things can take when they're relegated to "Spare Time" efforts. There are still three real candidates for my CMS, (Plone, Drupal, Tikiwiki) though the commercial pMachine looks interesting, too.

The big thing that drives me to the Zope end of things is my genuine desire to not take on a new language right now. I used to love every chance to look into a new language, but those days are long gone and my humble, inexperienced, opinion is that PHP is not quite in the same league as Python from a language design standpoint. When I read things about PHPs object oriented features, for example, I wonder why I should take what seems like a big step back from Python.

The thing that keeps the PHP systems (especially Tiki) in the running is how nice they seem to be to use.

I'm still here, and should anyone care, I promise I will make note of what I choose, why, and how the implementation goes. Thanks for keeping Tiki going while I crawl towards my goals.
I'm trying to pick a CMS system for a community site. I am a big fan of Python/Zope/Plone and am comfortable in that environment. I also like the default Plone theme very much. I looked at Drupal (see my post on plone.org pretty closely, too.

But just as I was getting set to go on Drupal, Tikiwiki showed up and changed things. I ''like" the wiki way of doing things. The wiki I started at my workplace has become one of our most valuable resources. And Tiki seems to add many of the features I wanted from Drupal.

Plus, it seems to have a real standards-based, best-practices approach to engineering.

I'm here to find out more about Tiki, especially in terms of performance, scalability, and writing my own extensions.

I hope to find this a friendly and helpful community, which it seems so far.

One thing I noticed about the latest themes — they seem to clone Plone!

Would anyone beliee that I'm still working on this? I have actually gone with Drupal for a particular site, though not the site I was thinking of when I began this investigation. I went with Drupal because I wanted community moderation of individual blogs, like Scoop offers. I didn't know if Tiki offerred that, but I did know that in the particular market I was after (political portals), Drupal was king. Drupal begat DeanSpace which begat CivicSpace. I'm on Drupal 4.5 now, but with the release of CivicSpace, I'm bracing for a migration. It includes integration with PHPList, an important item for a grassroots site.

I still like Tikiwiki, especially for more groupware oriented sites - and I'm such a huge wiki fan that I know I'll be back to see how your touchgraph interface stuff progresses.

If anyone cares the least bit about Progressive politics in the USA, please comve visit at Fort Progress, we'd love to see you there.

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