Hi, I've been using Tiki for my site at Earth.ocha.net since v1.5 IIRC. I was so glad to find a wiki centered CMS with lots of extra features! Then when I found the design and programming was clean and easy to work on, I was hooked for sure... Thanks for all the great work!

Right now I'm having trouble editing the tiki-print_article.tpl to not show the number of bytes and the (Edit) (Remove) links. I've edited lots of other templates with no problem, but I've changed this one both directly with emacs, and using the "edit templates" admin interface, and it still displays the same.

On a related note, I'm concerned about upgrading to 1.7 because I've changed so many templates, and made other small tweaks. I'm using the 1.6.1 CVS branch, so maybe I'll try to merge into the 1.7 branch, but I can't do that on the running install for fear of conflicts breaking things. I guess I should make a copy and merge that. Shouldn't there be some kind of automated backup of modified templates before upgrading, for folks who don't use CVS at least?

Btw, I also created a site specific Tiki bug tracker on my site to keep an eye on things I've noticed and hope to contribute some patches for things I've fixed when I get a chance. Hmmm. I just tried to add my site to the directory using Konqueror and noticed an old bug in the select list I didn't have a chance to report earlier, but maybe it can be addressed in ReleaseProcess172... I've added it there, since I don't want to clutter up the SF bug reports with such a simple (one character) issue — but it is a show stopper for adding directory links from Konqueror.

- jeb at ocha.net

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