About Me

My name is Jim Kring. I am a hardware and software systems integration consultant, specializing in scientific and engineering applications. I live in San Francisco, California, USA.

How I use Tiki

I am using Tiki, 1st and foremost, for a website called OpenG.org, a community of open source software developers and users who use the LabVIEW (a.k.a G) programming language. LabVIEW is used for Scientific and Engineering and engineering applications, but is useful for just about anything. OpenG has over 1,200 users and users have many open source projects, many of them hosted at SourceForge. I am very interested in Tiki features for SourceForge integration and project/workflow management.

I also set up Tiki sites for my clients to use in managing project information and team members. They find Tiki extremely useful and after using it, realize they can't live without it. I have set up about six different Tiki sites, total.

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