Well This is my users page.

I have installed Tiki on Red Hat 8.0 under PHP 4.3.4 and Oracle 9i
9.2.0. Few problems with the install but not too many.

Basically working after crashing through quite a bit of code. Not sure what to do about the 01465 errors though. They seen pretty fundamental and I need to look at this problem in depth.

Bit about myself. Been developing Oracle Apps and admining Oracle DB's
since Oracle 5 Days, so a long time (20 years I suppose) Stacks of Oracle experience but not a lot of PHP so its fun to start learning.

The app seems pretty fun and I am enjoying getting it up and running.

Havn't tried using MySQL DB so I don't realy know whats proper behaviour and what isn't !!!

Any correspondence to john at jkent.com always welcome and I'll do what I can to help.


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