some stuff i made

PluginMov integrates Quicktime Video
PluginMfolder reads a folder and display found media info (id3 tags mp3 ogg etc ...)
PluginIceStat integrates Icecast2 status info

my tiki



TikiWikis i setup

http://kiilo.org this is the tikiwiki from kiilo (vita) this server is the base for developing and documeting my artwork. Ive studied physics, special education, fine art and New Media, making music as well. I am working in the field of audiovisual processing with an emphasis on collaborating with other artists by using interaktive programs which allow „real-time jamming“. - for a complete overview see my curriculum vitae.

http://dorkbotswiss.org dorkbotswiss presentations are meant to be fun, friendly, informal chats. they're short, just 20-30 minutes, including questions. the standard "artist talk" format (my life history in slides + narration) does not work very well at dorkbot.swiss. what does work well is a casual talk about something you're currently interested in. pretend you're at a dinner party and someone has just asked you, "so what are you working on?" we encourage people to ask questions during the presentations, rather than always waiting until the end.

http://cantans.canticum.com Music Theatre Project Proposal: CANTICUM * Dramatic arrangement of the Biblical texts of The Song of Songs created by director,Christopher Fülling * Early Baroque music by Monteverdi, Schütz, Palestrina et al, to be sung in Latin, led by music director, Stephen Stubbs * Staging, design, and bellydance/Baroque choreography to be set in King Solomon's Harem in Ancient Israel

friendly Tikiwikis

http://vvvv.meso.net vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis and physical devices. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.
... and they using tikiwiki as well :-)

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