Click image to see the PHP Quebec 2004 Conference photo album. You will actually get to see marclaporte, mose and quite a few other members from the tiki community.

I work as an independent software consultant and happen to do some work around TikiWiki once in a while. You can read about my thoughts on my personal blog.

My current project is to improve the multilingual support in TikiWiki as part of the Cross Lingual Wiki Engine Project. Efforts have been made in the past to improve the multilingual support in TikiWiki. Already, it's one of the best engines out there, but I plan on making it even better by adding synchronization mechanisms in the engine. In fact, the synchronization is already in place, it's just that there are not so many ways to see it at this time. An other aspect of the project is to improve the experience of users reading multiple languages.

In the past, I made a few contributions to the project, excluding the occasional fixes:

  • TikiSheet. It was probably the first fully-featured spreadsheet usable from a browser. Quite far from perfection, you can still use it almost intact in current tiki releases. No one ever dared to understand the code. JavaScript at that scale really is a pain to maintain.
  • GraphEngine. As a complement to TikiSheet, it allows to draw charts, but is also a stand-alone library. The engine can generate over multiple file formats to give more freedom and especially more quality. Would you really print a PNG file with the crappy fonts for your boss? GraphEngine can render on PDF and PostScript documents too. I hope to get something usable before the 1.9 release, which is 4 days from now. An other good aspect of the library is that it will be possible to use it for other graphics inside Tiki, such as stats, OrgCharts and such.

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