I've been looking for an open source CMS quite some time, mainly for personal and not for profit use, but not exclusively. I was looking for something easy to install, understand, maintain, and extend. It had to be international on a per user basis, stable yet under active development. For a long time I have been looking for a product where I could participate actively in developing and give something back to the open source community. I like Zope a lot (mainly because it's Python) but there are not many ISPs that offer Zope; besides, I never had the opportunity (and time) to gain the necessary know-how. On one intranet site I started using PostNuke but it feels somehow ... heavy ... and has been replaced by Tiki now.

Tiki seems to meet almost all my requirements. I'm in the process of implemeting it on several sites and have extended it with a simple membership data base for a not-for-profit organisation. I'm still trying to figure out how to contribute best and am overwhelmed by all the activity going on...

I'm interested in (but have not made up my mind yet):

  • LearningManagementSystemDev
  • fixing small bugs as I go along
  • Calendar
  • Wiki

Presently I'm working as a project manager (computer networking) in a small company.

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