Hi to everybody. I'm Nicola Marcacci Rossi, a young guy from Switzerland. My native language is italian. I will study IT in Zürich (soo looking forward to it :-) ). Spent the last 3 months travelling through South America (mainly Peru). My personal website is www.nicolamarcaccirossi.com, available again as soon as I'll have migrated from wordpress to tikiwiki.

Trekking in Huayhuash (Peru)
Trekking in Huayhuash (Peru)

I like tikiwiki. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I think tikiwiki is it. I'm using this page for mindstorming and development notes (useful stuff I found around in code and doc).



WordPress Import

I have a wordpress blog and I want to migrate to tikiwiki. For this I need an import function. Although I don't want to import all my posts to a tikiwiki blog: I'd rather transform the posts in wiki pages, and use page trackers to show a list of the last created pages on the homepage...


(I'm writing this very spontaneously - still have to give a nearer look to trackers)

Tracker-classes could be developed, from which trackers would inherit fields, default properties and default values. They'd be like dynamic categories (Naturally I'm not talking about php classes: every tracker-class would be a dbelement and selectable in the tracker edit form).

For example, in an encyclopedia:

  • tracker page //main one with the fields name and content
  • abstract tracker city extends page //adds fields for meta-data like country (select from country list), inhabitants, altitude...
  • tracker London extends city //... and now imagine the edit form

An other example: the comment tracker would extend the page tracker, but add a parentObject field. Just an idea...


IMO tracker are so abstract that they could integrate wiki pages, forums, blogs, comments, (preferences, modules, templates, trackers themselves?)... Everything could be a tracker item. There are of course missing tracker functionalities to do this.

  • Tracker item history (optional)
  • More tracker-template integration (e.g. a default tracker view template).
  • ...

Flickr Support

Embedded slideshows and pictures.


I installed tw on xampp, and with pear enabled it failed because it tried to redeclare zend_filter_interface. Had to disable pear...

Dev notes.


  • Include a lib: global $foo; include_once('lib/foo.php');


  • page_exists(name, casesensitive)
  • page_exists_desc(name, searchalias)
  • page_exists_modtime(name)
  • add_hit(name)
  • create_page($name, $hits, $data, $lastModif, $comment, $user = 'admin', $ip = '', $description = , $lang=, $is_html = false, $hash=null, $wysiwyg=NULL, $wiki_authors_style='')
  • remove_object(type, id) - uses objectlib::delete_object() (strangely insert_object is never used)
  • remove_all_versions(page, comment) - uses


Extends tikilib

  • Objects: objectId = 'type:id' (e.g. 'forum:23')
    • Valid type names: 'forum', 'forum post', 'wiki', 'wiki page', 'article'


  • insert_object($type, $itemId, $description = , $name = , $href = '')
  • deleteObject (doesn't care about dependencies)


smarty functions

  • assign(varname, filename)
  • display(filename)
  • assign_by_ref(varname, var)
  • fetch(templatefilename)

smarty template-inside functions

  • tikimodule(title, name, flip, decorations)
  • query()

smarty variables

  • $user, $default_group, $section, $page, $prefs
  • $smarty array(server array(PHP_SELF))

smarty var functions {var|function}

  • escape


  • group_inclusion()
  • add_group(name, description)
  • add_user(name, password, mail)
  • assign_user_to_group(username, groupname)
  • assign_object_permission(group, objectid, type, perm);


  • post_new_comment($objectId, $parentId, $userName, $title, $data, &$message_id, $in_reply_to = , $type = 'n', $summary = , $smiley = , $contributions = , $anonymous_name = , $postDate = )
  • replaceForum(0, name, description)

Some global variables:

  • $module_params




  • templates/modules/mod-foo.php
  • modules/mod-foo.php
  • Use tikimodule smarty function


  • lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_foo.php
    • wikiplugin_foo
      • Return array('name', 'documentation', 'description', 'prefs' => array('wikiplugin_helloworld', 'feature_myfeature'), 'body', 'validate', 'params' => array(paramname => array('required', 'name', 'description')))
    • wikiplugin_foo_info
  • templates/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_foo.tpl
  • lib/setup/prefs.php: 'wikiplugin_foo' => 'y',
  • db/features.csv: xxx,"foo",913,,"wikiplugin_foo","flag", ,"tiki_p_admin",,,,,," "

General functions

  • tra(text)

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