I'm an avid fan of Tikiwiki and are one of the many people out there immensely appreciative of the product.

I'm 45, therefore code and stuff simply befuddles me. Its like the space shuttle. I have not the faintest clue what makes it work (except that its a controlled bomb) and can merely stand agape and in awe at the wonders of human ability. My sons hack the heck out of boxes (they're in their 20s) but they earn their living in Microsoft bloatware and slackware. To them, the concept of OpenSource is as distasteful as eating spring possum - but they silently bow and avert their eyes, and lose their macho mojo when they visit the sites where I have Tikiwiki and Claroline (open source college program) serving thousands of hits per day without a hitch.

I pay my respects to the Tikiwiki team.

''If I can instal and run Tikiwiki, my spinster aunt in North Dakota can too. ''

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