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My name is Scott W Fischer and I've been a Unix/DB administrator for over 17 years. I live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota, USA and am employed by the largest technology company in the world, (better not name it), (though they have no impact on my involvement with Tiki other than to take time away from what I'd like to be doing).

Amazingly enough, I'm really not that motivated to work on computers and technical stuff when I'm at home (I get enough of that at work) and tend towards reading, fiction writing, gardening and photography. I'm very old school in a lot of ways and keep a bound paper journal and still use my old Canon AE1 Program 35mm SLR.

My wife and I started a local chapter of the state Pro-Life organization and are very active in fostering rescued dogs for adoption. We have two dogs of our own as well as three children (10, 11 and 16).

My contribution to Tiki

I found Tiki right about when the 1.5 release candidates came out and quickly set up a couple of playgrounds (and convinced a few friends to do the same). I didn't really need anything but was interested in a combination Wiki/Blog capability to help me as I work on my contemporary fantasy novel Galileo's Flight

I even created a stupid little theme (tranquil) that has been incorporated. Compared with some of the newer, more mature themes, this is a piece of crap. I hope to enhance it significantly and take some of the best ideas from what I've seen in the neat (color/font scheme), mose(menus), and matrix(transparent boxes) themes.

When Tiki 1.6 came out, I led the charge to convert the documentation from Word/PDF format into native Tiki format and spent several weeks cutting and pasting from the PDF (a painful process due to some of the limitations of acroread and cut/pasted in Linux) and created a Tiki Structure that mimicked the documentation structure. There were several problems with the document in Tiki format including:

  • no easy way to incorporate images
  • no easy way to produce a regular document
  • no differentiation between the needs of different classes of readers
  • inconsistent ability to document code
  • and others

I took a break for a while hoping much of this would get worked out. There were many people who voiced an interest in helping out with this, but nothing much happened.

Now as we approach the 1.7 release and launch of the new tikiwiki.org site, I'm able to dive back in and take a more active role in figuring out how to use Tiki to document Tiki.

Hopefully we can get all this stuff hammered out here.

Tiki Development Goals and Interests

  • Using Tiki as a collaborative development tool
  • Producing Tiki Documentation natively within Tiki, see OldTikiWikiDocumentationPlan
  • Developing use-based templates for site administrators
  • Making Tiki look clean and simple, by seamlessly integrating new functions (eg. find a better way to do things than menus)
  • Effectively managing/maintaining multiple virtual hosted Tiki sites

My Tiki site

As with all the other technology toys I have, I don't do any of them very well, completely or consistently, but if you care to see what I'm doing you can see it at OpportunityHaven.com.

Closing thoughts

Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines.
- Satchel Paige

Are you sure I am who I say I am?

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