I am new (just today, 09.06.03) to Tiki Wiki, so I am still trying to grasp this concept.

I am a graphic and web site designer. I also do some writing and am seriously dedicated to a free and democratic internet and world.

I have been talking with a community of about 100 people who reside around a small lake and want to stay in contact through a website so they can be aware of common issues, and be able to discuss them through forums, polls, newsletters, etc. They are essentially a microcosm of the larger community and this could be an interesting experiment in using this software.

I am quite excited about the possibilities of Tiki Wiki in regards to the democratic process. If the community above is a microcosm of the larger community, then the possibility of applying this software to that larger forum could be very exciting.

In a time where our news sources are becoming less informative and more homogenized nothing could be more grassroots and inclusive than this concept.

Any input, ideas, or suggestions to this idea would be welcome.

Thank you,

- The Egg Man -

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