I'm a 40 and something old Logistics Specialist which is also involved in the Intranet application at our firm.
Since 1994 I'm already participating in the internet and I'm now very interested in website development, for which I followed a course in 2002 at the KUL at Leuven, where I graduated as Webmaster.

Today I'm involved in one web redesign of an nationale fysiotherapist community and I'm looking for some more projects (as everybody in this segment, Ithinkfrown).

I'm an addicted Linux fan and I'm using today Redhat 9.0 and Mandrake 9.2. I've try lot of other flavors like Gentoo and Suse: for Gentoo I needed more time to do some seriously work and I've quit for the time being! But I will take it back up!

I've realised some personal sites in view of my profession (Logistics) and have created a portal for Integrated Logistics in Belgium. You can find the link Integrated Logistics in Belgium which isn't known by the professionals, but I'm working hard on this community so that a lot of people will know and find the site.

I think that TikWiki will be a helpfull tool for interested and involved people, that's why I'm now trying to set up this tool.

I'm familar with PHP and ASP and have also some affinity with OO, esp. Java and I'm looking forward to study the possibilities of XML.

Website design today is for me an overall use of CSS, with possible supporting of Flash/PHP-ASP.

There alot of new things to discover and lifetime is already so short!

Today I'm trying to give some added value regarding BlogDoc document

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