Who Am I?

I am located at Hong Kong and not exactly China. Hong Kong is one of the cities of China but differs greatly from the rest of China in both social and legal aspects - just a few years ago (prior to 1997), Hong Kong was still a British colony...

Anyway, initially, I was looking for a nuke alike package to host my own site, and then bumped into this Tikiwiki world. While I am trying to set up my own site, it seems to be even more interesting to participate in the development process.

Right now, I am skimming thru docs in the tikiwiki.org as well as sourceforge. Since I will be reading the bugs tracker on sourceforge (primarily on features that I need for my own site) anyway, perhaps I can help to tidy up the list a bit.

BTW, I am a programmer (since 1985...) albeit breeded in the COBOL era. I write SQLs and office memos mostly nowadays. And yes, Tiki forces me to learn a bit of shell scripts and PHP as well. I might know how to operate CVS some day...


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