My Tiki Plans and Tips

Info and Tips

Using Eclipse with CVS and Sourceforge

If you are not yet using Eclipse for developing tiki on sourceforge you need to give it a try. It makes develping tikiwiki and even more pleasant experience. Make sure to get all the PHP plug-ins too.

Eclipse Tips and Info

  • Change your project directory to a directory somewhere in your httpd www path.
    • This will allow checkouts and updates to be immediately served up by the httpd.
  • I run Eclipse on XP but checkout files to a linux samba share. Works great.
  • How to checkout a certain CVS Branch of tikiwiki with Eclipse. UPDATE, my Eclipse was broken and is why my tutorial is so obscure. Once I updated Eclipse, it's a whole lot easier to grab different branches from CVS. So this tutorial is outdated.
  • If you want to work on both a tiki branch and the latest HEAD create two projects
  • Comparing local files with CVS files in the EclipseCVScompare Editor.
  • To get the latest updates from Sourceforge CVS: Click "right" on your project, select "Team" them "Update"

My Plans For Tikiwiki

I'm expecting and hoping to make several addtions to tikiwiki. It make take some time but I'll get there eventually.

I'm posting my plans here incase anyone visiting is looking for similar additions so that we might share ideas and work together. The whole point of tikiwiki, right? biggrin

Proposed Additions

  1. Integrate DreamAccount from http://www.dreamcost.com/
    • This would allow a tikiwiki site admin to charge membership fees and allow access to pages based on tikiwiki permissions.
  2. Allow the comments associated with Articles to rate the Articles.
    • This would allow all types of articles (Games, Services, Products, etc) to be rated and ranked based on the rating in a user comment.
    • This rataing feature is partially done. When activated you can rate an article. This rating/number is stored in the comment table with the associated comment.
    • An average still needs to be taken of these ratings and inserted in a new field in the article table everytime a new comment is added up updated.
    • With the average rating assigned to the article, a ranked list can then be displayed.

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