Zarafa is an open-source, full-featured mail storage and groupware solution. Zarafa includes a web-based interface for performing mail, address book and calendar functions.

Uses PHP / MySQL, like Tiki

Zarafa has a lot of features, and via the ClearOS integration, makes for a full-featured self-hosted email solution.


  • If a user has more than one account powered by Zarafa (on several different servers)
    • Is it possible to overlay calendars between two Zarafa instances? Like remote calendar idea
    • Is it possible for the webmail to access address book of another webmail account?
  • How to make system wide changes?
    • Settings -> Mail -> Compose mail in this format -> Plain Text (instead of HTML)
    • Settings -> Calendar -> First day of the week: Sunday
  • Turn off notes & tasks for times when this will be done in Tiki. We want to avoid duplication of data.
  • How to configure Zarafa settings that are part of Z-Admin but not in https://example.org:81/app/zarafa_community ?
  • How to configure Zarafa's ActiveSync to have different remote control settings. (ex.: not full control of device but only remote wipe of Zarafa data)
  • What features would ClearOS or Zarafa or Tiki need to add so we can have Forum and Mailing List Synchronization without having to install MailMan?
  • Is there a moderation feature in Zarafa? (mail needs manual approval before going to one or many). Ideally, we could put in a folder and it gets sent to all (or something like this). If a message is suspected of being spam, it could be manually approved by someone before being sent to all.
  • How to get a Free/Busy feature working?


  • Check if latest versions have an improved server-side filter interface: It would be nice to propose a filter based on a message. This is really useful for mailing lists. If it doesn't exist, log a feature request and add a link below. See also: https://github.com/thsmi/sieve/blob/master/README.md

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Wishlist for Zarafa-ClearOS integration

Wishlist for Zarafa-Elasticsearch integration

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