• Deleted Menu from Home page    ()
    I believe I am using tiki 24.0 I have removed the original menu from the home page and am unable to work out how to get it back. The site is https://wiki.fionasuniverse.com/HomePage. Do I need to restore from a backup and if so how do I go about this? I have trouble accessing this forum from my computer (I have cleared cache, uninstalled browser and reinstalled and I still cannot access the Login module) and have had to drive an hour to a public computer to post this. The roundtable is not an option as I have limited data and I work so cannot be up at 2am for 2 hours. There are a few, hopefully smaller, issues I would like to be sorted besides the missing menu. Is there anyone who may be able to assist me directly?
  • How to require names & descrpitions with uploads?    ()
    Using Tiki 24.... Is there a way to require (or at least prompt) users to enter a FILENAME and DESCRIPTION when uploading files to a File Gallery? Currently, the process appears to be that I first upload my files, then have to navigate to the File Gallery and select Edit Proprieties in order to enter a filename and description. Surely, there's a way to do this during the upload? And bonus points if the process supports multiple, batched, and ZIPed uploads, too! -R
  • Need CAPTCHA on Contact Us    ()
    We are receiving many spam emails via the "Contact Us" module. How can I enable a CAPTCHA on it? Alternatively, is there a way to put a CAPTCHA onto a Wiki Page and require it when a link is clicked? This is TikiWiki 21.5. We probably could upgrade, if that helps.
  • Can you use = or    ()
    Hi all, We just got a requirement for PluginList that instead of filtering for all items that are expiring in the next 30 days, ie. {CODE()} {filter range="tracker_field_REG_ExpiryDate" from="now" to="30 days"} {CODE} We now need something like have today's date between one variable (REG_ReminderDate) and another variable (REG_ExpiryDate) Is there any way to have a filter that "now" is: = tracker_field_REG_ReminderDate And
  • How do I edit the properties of an image included in a wiki page? Edit icon does not show.    ()
    I'm new to Tiki Wiki, and I'm currently following the very useful ''Tiki for Smarties'' tutorial. As I'm following the tutorial [https://twbasics.tikiforsmarties.com/Adding-Pictures|on this page], I'm trying to change the properties of an image as described under the title __Edit Pictures__ (#2). The image is supposed to show an edit icon right below it which, when clicked, opens the properties dialog for that image. My installation doesn't seem to show that icon, so I'm not able to change the image's properties. It only seems to affect the images. Text headings, for instance, do have the edit icon (pencil) just beside it (see attached picture). I already checked that the ''Edit icons'' toggle slider is in the right position, so that's not the problem. I'm running version 24.0. I also tried on ''demo.tiki.org'' using version 23.x with similar results. Any idea what the problem could be? Is there an alternative way to edit the properties of an image included in a wiki page? Thanks.
  • What variable can I use for user who last modified a tracker item in PluginList?    ()
    Hi all, I'm using Pluginlist to display information on when a tracker item was last modified (modification_date) but but I was wondering if there is any ability to display the user who modified the tracker item? Do you know what the variable name is? Does this even exist?
  • Pagination issues with LIST with TABLESORTER?    ()
    Hi All, I came across something odd today. I am using the following in the list to paginate the data - this tracker has 11 items and I have set the max pagination to 5: {CODE()} {pagination max="5"} {CODE} The list works fine and the pages show up correctly at this point. BUT, if I have set pagination max="5" and I I have tablesorter used for the list I can't go to any other pages / pagination for items 6 - 11. I can only ever view the first 5 items, I can't even filter anything not within these 5 items. {CODE()} {tablesorter server="n" sortable="type:reset" tsortcolumns="type:text|type:none|type:none|type:none" tsfilters="type:text|type:dropdown|type:dropdown|type:text" } {CODE} The full LIST syntax is here: {CODE()} {LIST()} {filter field="tracker_id" content="6"} {filter type="trackeritem"} {pagination max="5"} {sort mode="modification_date_ndesc"} {OUTPUT(template="table")} {column label="Name" field="name" mode="raw"} {column label="Status" field="status" mode="raw"} {column label="Department(s)" field="depts" mode="raw"} {column label="Department(s)" field="desc" mode="raw"} {tablesorter server="n" sortable="type:reset" tsortcolumns="type:text|type:none|type:none|type:none" tsfilters="type:text|type:dropdown|type:dropdown|type:text" } {OUTPUT} {FORMAT(name="name")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Name" format="trackerrender"}{FORMAT} {FORMAT(name="status")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Status" default=""}{FORMAT} {FORMAT(name="depts")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Depts" default=""}{FORMAT} {FORMAT(name="desc")}{display name="tracker_field_POW_Desc" default=""}{FORMAT} {ALTERNATE()}{REMARKSBOX(type="warning" title="There are no line items that can be displayed." close="n")}{REMARKSBOX}{ALTERNATE} {LIST} {CODE} Do you know what I'm doing wrong? I'm on v21.5 if it helps... Thanks, Leena
  • Cannot upgrade 21.x to 24.x - need a fresh install?    ()
    Hi all, We have version 21.5 on our environments - we want to upgrade to 24.x Our sysadmin indicated that we need to do a fresh install and cannot upgrade directly. This is because this is a major upgrade? Is there any way / workaround for this so we don't lose all of our configurations / data? Thanks. Leena
  • Some problems understanding the syntax to access two trackers at the same time    ()
    This is not a bug report, merely, I did not quite grasp the concepts that CART utilizes to access trackers. I want to establish -besides CART that successfully contains a small product shop- something to contain a database of magazines. It shall show magazine covers, and some table of contents. To reach that goal I copied the concept of CART. I established two new trackers. One to contain every issue of the magazine, and a second to contain a table of content like listing of articles of all magazines. The two are interconnected via a text field containing the edition number (in the articles tracker defined as an element link) pointing to the text in the first tracker. The data structure (that currently contains some demo elements) works well in looking at the tracker with list_trackers & view_tracker. Also, the first level (which is very close to what CART does on the product tracker) works well, too: {CODE(Color="Tiki")} code extracted #1 {CODE} What I cannot get to run is that clicking on an edition shall open that edition. This itself works, just like in CART, but I want that listing to contain the data from tracker #4 where the edition field contains the id of the selected edition. I did not quite get the concept how to access that. This code partially works: {CODE(Colors="Tiki")} code extracted #2 {CODE} Partially meaning: Cover & Edition & Year come correctly from tracker #3. From tracker #4 ONE result of column/title/subtitle gets selected. And I get way to many pages (one per record in tracker 4...). Currently, with my test data, there are 2 elements in magazine and 59 in articles (describing 59 articles in the 2 magazines). What I would like to accomplish is to list every article from tracker #4, from the magazine selected. Thanks hman
  • Allowing people to edit wiki    ()
    Hi Again I’ve been trying to setup a group who can edit my Tiki wiki but the only ones who can edit the wiki are the admins. I am clearly missing something simple. I have trouble posting to this group because I cannot access the Login module on my laptop and have to use my old ipad instead. I haven’t worked out how to transfer screenshots to the ipad and post them to this forum but if you need this I will try harder. I have four groups - admin, registered, anonymous & editors. The registered and editor groups have Can view pages, Can edit pages and Can upload pictures checked but people assigned to them cannot do any of this. Registered & Editors inherit permissions from Anonymous. People I assign as Admins can edit pages. Is there an easy way to allow people to edit the wiki Any assistance greatly appreciated

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