This is a transcipt of a conversation about memopry limits with web-mania's third party live support people. Trying to be resolute and get a simple number is never easy with these people.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'abhishek'
abhishek: Hello! Welcome to ))Web-Mania(( Live Chat Service. How may I help you today?
you: What is the memory limit for PHP please?
abhishek: Please hold one moment while I check on this.
you: okie dokie :-)
abhishek: there is no limit on PHP
you: So my scripts can be in excess of - say 48 MB in size? and the server will still execute them?
abhishek: Yes , but your script should take more servers resources
abhishek: If you are getting any error message for limitation on size for php then please contact support
abhishek: support will increase size for your script
you: okay thank you :-)

I have since e-mailed the server admin support people for confirmation on this.
and the reply was:

Tech has responded to your help desk request.


The memory limit for php is 8M.

Thank you,

Support Team.

So I've e-mailed them again asking if they would consider raising their limit to facilitate Tiki users and the reply was

Tech has responded to your help desk request.

Hello Russ,

We are extremely sorry but we cannot increase the memory limit for PHP as it results in detoriation of overall performance of the server. Please feel free to contact us back if you face any problem or have any question.

Thank you,
Support Team.

And this is why web-mania have been removed from tikiFreindlyhosts page
I and I would like to apologize to anyone who was misled by my adding them.
I am truly, very sorry.


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