General Description

AuthPAM provides PAM authentication to Tikiwiki just as Pear Auth does with LDAP.
It's mainly intended for those tiki admins who have integrated they're Linux boxes onto they're network's authentication using PAM;
for example in my case my Linux boxes authenticate trhough PAM to my Windows 2000 Active Directory Domain (via winbind and kerberos 5) so with AuthPAM
I can authenticate my networked users against tiki without adding them by hand.

Note: AuthPAM is currently only in the CVS version, a patch is avaible for 1.8.1 version onto AuthPAMOld

Key Function and sub-features
  • Mainly AuthPAM provides integrated authentication for Tikiwiki from PAM

Related Links
  • Official PAM Page at, includes a 'short' list of PAM modules and some docs.

  • Freshmeat's project page for PHP pam_auth module.

Typical Uses

As I stated in the General Description that module is usefull if you need to integrate your Linux accounts (/etc/shadow, winbind, nis or so) with TikiWiki.
If this is your case maybe you'll find this module very usefull.

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