General Description

The Community Connections concept is to allow our TW family's to connect within TW for a variety of reason.

Key Function and sub-features

Organize and create information that may be used to help TW users to find each other with in their communities.

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Typical Uses

To allow people using TW to connect to people within their communities.
Connecting friends with similar interests IE;
Who loves Volvo's? (not me - damian)
Who loves Citroens's? (me - damian)
Need php scripting help?
Looking for a date?

How could this be developed?

How do TW features fit in?
The trackers allow both a user info tracker and a group tracker.
Group home pages are possible.
The tracker plug in allows info to be put into a wiki page.
The galleries are good.
The Articles would also fit in.
The very powerful categories would work well as well.
The new friendship network must have some role here.

Case Studies

Yahoo groups


Hey this is TW do you expect bugs?

Support Requests


On no, the only team member is me jamesoftopiya!

For more information

Single dating capability (trackers?)