I needed a script to allow me to import some large setup applications into a tiki file gallery and I couldnt get access to the php.ini to increase the upload values and besides I had already FTPd the site onto the site.

How to Use

Simply FTP the file into your tiki/filegals directory, or whereever you point your file galleries to. This script will not work if your file gallery is set to store in the database.

With the script in your tiki folder. point your browse to:


The script will rename the file into the secure md5 hash and then insert the links into the file gallery table. You just then need to edit the entry in the File Gallery in tiki to complete the Description and other fields.


The script is here as is. I wrote it to do a quick job and it worked for me. If your having trouble with it, email me from Damians Page.

The Script

Attached to this wiki page.