For those that use the image gallery in tiki:

Support for Image Magick is added now. How to install:

  1. Install Image Magick and Libs
  2. Install Imagick PEAR Module
  3. In ImageGallerySettings select Imagick as Library to use for processing images
  4. Have fun with other Imagetypes like gif, tiff ...

Detailed Explanations

1. Get Image Magick from http://www.imagemagick.org/www/archives.html

  • Be sure to install the libraries. On Linux-RPM based systems you should get something like:

rpm -q libMagick5
apt-get -s install imagick

Next Version of the PEAR module will work with GraphicsMagick too:

2. Get the PEAR module from http://pear.php.net/package-info.php?pacid=76

  • Windows Users are happy, they can download a .dll from http://php.chregu.tv/php_imagick.dll
  • Other users have to compile it. To compile it, you have to compile your PHP! Therefore get the PHP sources, read the INSTALL file from the imagick module and ./configure PHP with


If your compilation stops: There are 2 Bugs:

  • - do a "rm ./configure" in your php src directory before performing

Step 8 of the INSTALL-file of imagick.

  • - edit imagick.c (Version 0.95):

Line 624 should be
This may depend on your libMagick! Didn't test, but your make should tell you the right way.
Install your new PHP, restart your webserver. Do a phpinfo() to see if Imagick support is added. If not, you may have forgot to
rm ./configure.

3. If this doesn't work (you see the setting going back to GD when you try to change it), it means Imagick is not properly installed. Go back to previous steps...

4. You can figure out how.

If you have problems, send me a mail.