I'm in the mood to make some new quicktags, so what do you want?? Please put your ideas below.

-- Colorado


Text align right

{maketoc} ability to filter by specific H-levels

  • i've always left H1 out of my contents - it is usually too big a font. you mean like a !!!{maketoc135} which excludes 2 and 4? This may be something you want to change in the CSS (theme) instead).

ricks99: No, I don't want to skip H-levels (which cause the page's structure to be invalid), and it has nothing to do with font size or presentation. I simply want to limit the heading depth from which the TOC is created. For example, I'm thinking along the lines of:

  • {maketoc1} would only create the TOC from the H1 elements (!).
  • {maketoc2} would only create the TOC from the H2 (and higher) elements (!! and !).
  • {maketoc3} would only create the TOC from the H3 (and higher) elements (!!!, !! and !).


improved hide/show


not like above but looks like this.

[+] Heading Title.

nb: when [+] is clicked content is shown and turns into [-]
text plus anything else below the heading and untill the next heading (of any level) dissapears/reappears.

indent (which can be repeated/nested for multiple indents)

    • like making a box without a box.

colored text

in default colors other that red! Why not a clickable color panel?