1.7.5 bugfix release process

Developers information

The branch release_eta_carinea_rc1 (so badly named redface) is still the CVS branch for 1.7.x. Note that the 1.7.x branch is strictly for bugfixes. All new features and changes must be committed to CVS HEAD and not the release_eta_carinea_rc1 branch.

Release 1.7.5 will only include important fixes which developers should firstly be applied on branch 1.8 as usual. All fixes are applied to branch 1.8 (and 1.9 on merging) please communicate in tiki-devel mailing or the IRC channel if you should apply your bugfix to this branch. In some cases Damian will do this anyway.

Developers, please update this page whenever you resolve a bug in this branch. If you need help with CVS, read Cvs17.

The person in charge of this release is Damian.



Unresolved bugs or misbehavior

Resolved bugs and misbehavior since 1.7.4

  • FIX: tiki-admin_mailin Needed Security Permission Checking mose
  • FIX: repeated Re: appearing on internal tiki messages Damian
  • FIX: rpg Calendar Year Bugfix
  • FIX: If no chatrooms are created and Chat is available an empty dropdown is shown, fixed with suitable message instead Damian
  • FIX: Contact Us, send my email header only shown now when the contact user has a email address setup. Damian
  • FIX: changes to modules and admin settings sometimes required a page reload to appear. iow: changing theme is visible right on the post request, as are other settings gongo

New Features

  • Backported the Admin System to allow easy clearing of templates_c folder Damian + mose
  • New Theme: BlueMetal theme now included, thanks to Colorado
  • New Theme: RedMetal theme now included, thanks to Colorado
  • New Theme: PurpleMetal theme now included, thanks to Colorado
  • New Theme: GreenMetal theme now included, thanks to Colorado
  • New CSRF ticket implementation, more details on TikiSecurity and the article. mose


  • Updated tiki-installer to current release version Damian
  • Updates README, INSTALL and other 1.7.4 to 1.7.5 places Damian