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This is now being built-in Tiki 1.10


Have you ever wanted your Tiki site to have friendly URLs? Well here is one solution to that problem!

URLt Details

Whilst squatting in the channel #tikiwiki as usual. A fellow Tikier brought interest to this link: an excellent article which describes the use of Smarty output filtering and Apache Rewrite Rules to make Tiki produce and work with Search Engine Friendly URLs.

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Notes: I havent copy/pasted the article here, because of possible copyrights and Ralph Bolton doesnt indicate what kind of license he publishes his site under

23rd May, 2005

I've just "released" TikiURLt - it's got all the features I ever intended and more, and seems to work pretty well (feedback appreciated!), and is web server independent. It has been tested by me on Tiki 1.8.5 and Tiki 1.9.0 . See SEFURLsDev for more info. I'm trying to get it into the SEFURLs project at, where it will ultimately live rather than at my own site.

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Smarty version - 16 July, 2008

The URLt method above seems to have stalled. The tracker entry mentions URLt problems with /tmp and vserver use.

I attached to the tracker a Patch file with a fixed 1.9.11 _htaccess file and a Smarty output filter which emits SEF URLs from many TikiWiki components. The patch needs the attention of a developer, as I don't yet understand the Admin Features code well enough to add a configuration checkbox, and to fix the setup and tiki-sefurl.php location (/lib maybe?).