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What other similar projects exist? (please add links below)

A number of companies are offering (or will one day offer) to "manage your organization in the cloud": Google Apps for Work, Zoho, NetSuite,, Microsoft, SAP, IBM (Lotus), Apple (iCloud), Facebook, Oracle, NovellYahoo!, Amazon, etc. Interoperability will remain a challenge.

In terms of FLOSS:

As of 2014-08, Adaxa Suite and Tiki Suite appear to be the two alternatives with the most features. Many of the others listed here are not really ready or feature complete, but are added here because they share a similar vision of a unified platform to manage most of the information of your organization, using FLOSS.

AdaxaAppliance & Adaxa Suite

Not to be confused with Adaxia, a French company offering many enterprise software as SaaS (mostly non-FLOSS)
Not to be confused with, an ERP provider.

Adaxa's complete enterprise offering

Based on:

Offers an appliance: "The AdaxaAppliance is the world's first turn key business management solution built on best-of-breed Open Source Technologies, incorporated into an easy to use appliance. Designed for the smaller business this appliance come loaded with the core Adaxa Suite, ready to plug into your network. Just follow the setup wizards and you are up and running. The system can be used as is or configured and customised to your specific requirements."

Opinion: The Appliance is a nice touch. This, along with Tiki Suite, is among the most ambitious enterprise suite project. Adaxa is really pushing hard on the ERP/POS side (where Tiki Suite has nothing yet). Elastix has an impressive feature set.


Odoo (was OpenERP)


Has quite a few features, looks tightly integrated, and even has a wiki engine, yet the main site is powered by DokuWiki?

  • I just found out about Citadel and got info that wiki/blog use Markdown for markup which is, imho, better than proprietary markup used by Tiki.

OX App Suite

"This means that our software is free for non-commercial use – you can look at our source code, customize it if you like and even redistribute it as long as you do not sell it. For commercial use, and for service and support, you require a license key to download and install OX App Suite packages. Packages for both supported (commercial) and unsupported (non-commercial) platforms are available for download from Open-Xchange."


Zentyal Desktop




CageOS / Community Cube

Self-hosting platforms









OPI (OpenProducts Information Hub)




Guides and directories