8th May 2004 - My Second Tikiwiki creation goes live
Well, after trucks of mods to the boreal stylesheet, my second creation has gone live. Check out ThePassionExplained.org. The site gives information to people asking questions about Christianity after seing Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ movie.

1st February 2004 - My first Tikiwiki creation goes live

Well folks www.abclife.org went live today.I can't believe it! It took me just 20 days to get the hang of TW. Anyone looking for a great CMS system that's easy to manage need to take the time to go through the learning.
I'm no developer or coder, and I managed (with Huge help from TikiGod) to change style sheets and templates to get the look and feel I needed. Result!!

10th January 2004 - A date I'll never forget!

I have what was the thankless job of keeping a Church Website updated.
I gave up on regular web design apps as too much hassle.
I then tried phpnuke, but found it too limited and then HALLELUJAH, I discoverd tikiwiki and was converted in around 30 mins after rolling it out on my server and having a play with it.

For a living I'm a director of an IT Company in South Wales.
As soon as I get the hang of tw I'll post the URLS so folk can see.

Phylip Morgan
Ammanford, South Wales, UK