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BEEP — Website dead, abort retry ignore?

Well, I finally got some new broadband (2.3Mb/s for the price of 512 kb/s!! WooHoo!) And immediately and permanently screwed my tiki site up good and proper.

So I'm taking this opportunity to rebuild from scratch. You can see my progress at my website. Although I msake no promises as to how good it'll be this time round.

What about the old plugins and stuff??

Gone and lost I'm afraid, I doubt anyone really used them anyway (I know some of my CVS stuff got ripped back out again for some reason). I do have one new one; For people who want articles on a custom home page without using the wiki...


It ain't pretty, but it works. A single PHP file with accompanying template file which will allow you to include a selected number of articles into your tiki-custom_home pages with very little effort.

Currently, you just upload the files and include them from the tpl and php of the existing tiki-custom_home feature.

Configurable options are done in the PHP (They are documented — sortof) You can choose how many articles to include and select a specific topic to incde them from. in this way you can have your 3 newest "Site Update News" topic articles on your homepage and all news stories on the articles homepage.

More information and to download go here.