Hi all!

This is a little bit egocentric but... why should it be here if not for us to brag a little smile

Just to say that I'm an entrepreneur with two companies. One dedicated to Environmental Consultancy and Web Development, and another one dedicated to Linux related product sales, called HumanEasy and Nixius, respectively wink

!!My Companies logos
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I also work in various Open Source (more GPL than OSI ones) like Typo3, osCommerce, phpProjekt, Care2002 and many, many other; mainly in the translation area were my help is most needed (less translators than developers around there... no fun in it it seems mrgreen ) and I don't have too much time also to spend coding in so many diferent projects rolleyes

If you think I ever helped you in any way please rate me at Affero or at least visit them and create your own Affero account. It won't cost you a dime, rest assured lol

Thanks for your time visiting me and hope you won't feel like wasted your time in here redface

cool Lopo