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How to use TikiWiki

Start by going to
here you can login

The Wiki Menu
The following image is the menu that most users will see if all options are activated.

The options are as follows:

* Wiki the Wiki Home page is viewed. See A Wiki Page below
* Wiki Home the Wiki Home page is viewed. See A Wiki Page below
* Last Changes this allows the user to see which pages have changed. See Last Changes below
* Dump this allows the user to create a compressed file from the page
* Rankings this will show which pages are hot or how much activity they have had. See Wiki Rankings below
* List Pages this provides a complete listing of all pages in the site. See List Pages below
* Orphan Pages pages do get orphaned with time - that is - the links to them are removed. This option provides a way to find them. See Backlinks & Orphan Pages below
* Sandbox this is a safe place to experiment with Wiki Syntax or HTML. See The Sandbox below
* Print this allows multiple pages to be printed. See Wiki Printing below
* Structures (not shown in the image) are visible to anyone with Admin privileges. Structures are a way of applying an order to Wiki pages, like building a directory tree.