wikiplugin_userlist shows an alphabetically sorted list of all users registered (or from a specific group)


if no group is entered, all registered users are displayed

the display method is to display a table with columns that can be turned on and off using the parameters.

parameters that can be set:


  • writes a number in front of every name
  • default = 0


  • shows links to all users that have a personal userpage
  • default = 1


  • shows names in groups of beginning letters
  • default = 1


  • shows total number of users in group at the end of the table
  • default = 1


  • shows email address (scrambled) of given user (if set to public)
  • default = 0

download wikiplugin_userlist.tpl from this page (attachment) and test it for yourself (tested with 1.8 - incompatible with 1.7 - but i can post a 1.7 version as well if required)

other involvements:
also, i'm trying to give the people from SimpleStyleDev a hand...