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Distributed themes list
NameOriginal authorMaintainer (if any)
3DBlueDamian Parker
Akwa mose
BlueGreen luis
BlueMetal colorado
Boreal luis
Codex Mark Limburg
damian.css Damian Damian
DBlue luis
Default luis
Default2 luis
Elegant luis
Geo mose
Geo-light mose
GreenMetal colorado
Jalist luis
Jalist2 luis
Matrix zaufi
Matrix.light zaufi
MoreNeat mose
Mose mose
Mozilla luis
Neat luis
NoTheme zaufi
Olive Oliver Hertel
PurpleMetal colorado
RedGrey Damian Parker Damian
RedMetal colorado
Simple luciluci
StylesSubsilver luis
StylesTarynsWorldDamian Parker Taryn via Daddy Damian
TCeti luis
Tiki luis
TikiGod Damian Damian
Tranquil luis
TrollParty mose
Vidiki ang
WhiteBlueGrey luis

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Some of those themes are not available for all versions.

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