Tiki Developer FAQ

Questions about development and building tikiwiki.



Question: How do I get started developing a new module?
Answer:  Take a look at TikiWikiModuleGettingStarted. Which hasn't been written. In the meantime Admin Click Me. Go to modules, and create a custom module. You can include URLs in the custom module code.
Question: How do I quickly find what's changed in the cvs log?

cvs log yoursearchstringhere* | more

The * is a wild card and will grab a lot of info. Alternatively you can change more for less.

Question: How do I add custom menus to my modules?
Answer:  First create your custom module, then go to tiki-admin_menus.php and create your menu. I like to open lots of browser windows while I'm doing this, I hit refresh a lot too. Once your menu is created then you can include the menu in your custom module.
Question: How to include php code in a "module"?

Work with templates like this:

{php} phpinfo(); {/php}
Question: I just checked out the code from CVS, but it seems to be missing the Smarty libraries. What did I do wrong?

You probably checked out the "tiki" module, rather than "tikiwiki". Try this:
cvs co -d tiki19 -r BRANCH-1-9 tikiwiki