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Re: Javascript Problems

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My answers are inline below:
> Questions:
> 1) what should the permissions be for the plugin file?

Use the same permissions as other plugins that do work on your site.

> 2) Is there any sort of reboot for the wiki server that needs to be done to get newly uploaded plugins recognized?


> 3) What else might prevent me from embedding jscript in a wikipage or module?? Or alternatively, how do you get javascript on your wiki?

If you are using the TikiMODS PluginJS then you shouldn't be putting any tags on the page at all. The PluginJS inserts the tags on the fly when the page is rendered.

Some javascripts need some of their code to be in a specific place, for example in the HEAD of the page, or at the very start or end of the page BODY. The code inserted using the PluginJS is inserted only into the page BODY.

I haven't tested the TikiMODS.com PluginJS with Tiki 1.8.5. Maybe someone else can comment on that.